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Welcome to little frog essentialsTM   where every product is made individually with the finest ingredients.  Organic essential oils, organic jojoba, organic sugar and Dead Sea salts are carefully blended to create little frog’s ecofriendly body care productsMay they contribute to your wellness, vitality and fun!

All of little frog’s products are cruelty free and are paraben and phthalate free.

ingredients . . . little frog uses aromatherapy grade organic & wild-crafted essential oils, which contribute to wellness through their myriad actions, ex., promoting relaxationstrengthening the immune system, relieving cramps or muscle tension and much more. Essential oils (EOs) are truly a gift from the earth and they have far reaching actions, beyond smelling wonderful!

Little frog steers clear of ingredients containing phthalates, which can interrupt the endocrine system’s hormone regulation in the body.  Lots of information is available on this subject; check it out for yourself.

Dead Sea salts
 are well known for their health enhancing properties and are used to help reduce muscle tension, assist detoxification and for a variety of skin conditions. Anyone who has taken a Dead Sea salt bath can attest to the benefits of relaxation, pure and simple.

Jojoba is a wax ester, very similar to the oils produced by human skin, and it contains antioxidants.  It is an emollient to the skin, nourishing it and absorbing into the skin along with the essential oils mixed with it.

Packaging . . .
 all products are packaged in recyclable glass and gift bags are brown Kraft 100% recycled.  Business cards, brochures, etc. are printed on 100% recycled stock.  Being a green business is evolving and little frog strives to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Giving back . . .
 a percentage of little frog’s profits is donated to environmental organizations.

Dead Sea Salt Baths & Scrubs

Face Quenchers

Balance Beautiful Face or Body Oil Synergy

Eco-friendly Room Sprays

Little frog essentials has launched a sister company, locally in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Life Force Reiki and Aromatherapy offers Reiki sessions and Aromatherapy consultations individually or in combination with one another.  Please click on the link above to check it out. 

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